Kamera 20140418 274Ferlitizer is a matter of life and death in Mocambique. The soil in norther Mocambique is worn out and give very litte crops. If it does not rain, starvation is a fact. Fertilizer is extremely expensive in Africa.
That is why FFBB has initiated a unique collaboration with SuSan Design – Sustainable Sanitation Design ( [1])- a Norwegian businessminded foundation. SuSan Design was the Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge Winner 2014 at the World Water Week in Stockholm.

SuSan Design is behind a gamechanging invention – a unisex urinal – that is completely ecological, environmentally friendly and very cheap. The urine gathered in the urinal will be mixed with water (1:3) and used as fertilizer.

The area where FFBB works, the norther part of Mocambique, will be the first area in Mocambique to incorporate this invention in the daily life. It will solve several problems:

  • More fertilizer=more food=less starvation=less diseases.
  • The ground will not be polluted.
  • The women will be able to pee inside their huts in safety.
  • The children will be more capable of recieving knowledge, when they are
    not hungry.
  • Ultimately we believe it will lower possible local conflicts and wars,
    if the population is not constantly hungry.

The local authorities and the local Department of Agriculture will be educated in the use of the urinal, as will the local population. We begin with FFBBs own kindergarden. We want it to be selfsufficient and for the teachers to earn a salery by selling the extra crops.

Lidfizi Secondary School with 1750 students has 3 toilets to share. They will get eco toilets and the extra urine will be used in the kindergarden garden.

Ten local families will also recieve a urinal and education in how to use it. Their experiences and knowledge will start a new way of fertilizing the area. Right now everyone is waiting for the urinals to arrive and for the project to begin. We lack 250.000 Swedish crowns to push the production button for the urinals.

Do you want to participate making Lidfizi selfsufficient? Please contact us/donate….

Plusgirokonto 90 03 36-9

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